RIDER's ecosystem

This video provides an overview of RIDER's services.

Join RIDER´s network of vetted top-notch law firms

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How to get started and mandate RIDER to raise litigation funds for you

RIDER's 4-point preliminary assessment.

RIDER's referral program

Refer us a client and get a referral fee upon success!

Financial Monitor, partner with us

If you are a turnaround practitioner, workout officer, appraiser, liquidator, private debt recovery professional, member of a debt collection agency, debt buyer and are interested in joining RIDER´s Litigation Finance ecosystem, and provide advice as an independent FINANCIAL MONITOR, assisting in the conversion into cash of any non-cash assets received in payment as a result of a litigation, mediation or settlement proceeding brokered by RIDER, register to RIDER and become a member of an Ad-hoc Supervisory Committee.

RIDER's Corporate Presentation

Corporate Presentation in video.


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