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The legal opinion from a respected law firm provides an informed analysis of the likeliness of success of a case, however, the outcome of a litigation may not be predicted and therefore, investors should fully understand their risks.
Each case is handled individually, according to each RIDER reserves the right to change legal team if it is deemed necessary. A lead investor (having invested more than 85% of the total investment), may also be assigned this ability.
Yes, following your countries rules and laws for investing, RIDER will accept investments from any country where it is legal.
Go to the section on the RIDER website for Law Firms, there you will be able to find all of the information on how to join our network and submit your credentials securely.
No, if your case qualifies to be on the RIDER platform, there is no limit to the amount that can be funded. However, the recommendation for the amount to be funded is based on our team of experts, the Legal team providing the Legal Opinion and is based on the recovery estimate.
The cases are continually monitored by the RIDER team, and in cases where there is over $15M USD of expected recovery, RIDER also acts as a process watch-dog.
Your case will be funded after an internal evaluation and a positive Legal Opinion determine that your case is eligible for funding, then it will be submitted to our pool of investors. Although we do our best to facilitate matching investors to cases, RIDER does not guarantee the interest of investors on the platform. Once investors are secured to fund your case, funding will take place quickly and securely.
It is impossible to tell exactly how long it will take for the process, our best estimate is based on our experience. After submitting the online application on RIDER with a full description of the case it is then reviewed internally and given a standardized 4-point assessment, to determine if it meets our criteria and move on to seek a Legal Opinion from one of our pre-approved law firms. During the process RIDER will inform you of the approximate time it will take for each step.
Our team of legal experts carefully evaluate the payout amount and probability for each case. We use a 4-point assessment and count on the Legal Opinion of experts in the jurisdiction of each case. These evaluations give us a good idea of the risk involved in each case.
The RIDER team continually monitors cases, and in cases where there is over $15M USD of expected recovery we provide an extra layer of vigilance.
Generally speaking, the higher the risk, the higher the return.



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RIDER is the leading broker in the litigation funding industry and has assembled a complete guide on how the market works.