Litigation Finance Solutions.

At RIDER, our business is litigation finance. We are brokers, dedicated to serving claim holders, their law firms and investors with the highest level of integrity and transparency, connecting investors to Litigation Finance opportunities. RIDER is a platform that allows for an easy way to connect all of the stakeholders in the litigation finance process. From the moment a case is submitted and throughout the process, there is constant and ongoing communication from all parties through our secure portal, in this ecosystem, we ensure complete privacy.

How to get started and mandate RIDER to raise litigation funds for you

RIDER's 4-point preliminary assessment.

Why use litigation funding?


Legal fees, experts’ fees, gathering of evidence, fees of Arbitral Tribunals (in the case of Arbitration) and Court fees in those jurisdictions in which Courts fees are usually material.


Allows RIDER´s member law firms to cover their overhead costs during a legal dispute.


We ensure that your firm receives an attractive share of the proceeds in case of success.


The process of RIDER

The owners of litigation rights and/or their lawyers may submit legal disputes on the RIDER platform for review and analysis.



When submitting the online RIDER application, a full description of the case shall also be submitted. After your case is accepted, you will submit your financing application and enter into a Non-Disclosure Agreement.



1) Credentials of law firm representing in the case (or suggested for representation)
2) Merits of the Dispute and supporting evidence
3) Existence of sources of Monetary Recovery from opponent (Liquidity Risk)
4) Mitigation of undue conduct from the Courts



Retain one of RIDER´s vetted law firms to conduct a due diligence and provide an independent legal opinion, which if favorable, will be equivalent to an Investment Recommendation.



RIDER is a digital platform that connects investors, holders of litigation rights and lawyers that may be interested in representing a client in a legal dispute. RIDER does not provide financing or investment for legal disputes. Before an Agreement, RIDER will provide you with a sample agreement that details the terms of potential financing. RIDER has a network of strategic partnerships that include professionals in the fields of law, mediation and negotiation. Their role is to supervise and act as gate-keepers, to ensure that all stakeholders both, the investment process and the handling of disputes are conducted transparently and adhere to the highest professional standards. As a broker, RIDER does not conduct the due diligence process to ensure that a holder of the disputed rights, is communicating the facts of a case truly and accurately. The Legal Opinion and due diligence will be provided by the selected law firm.



Once investors are secured to fund your case, funding will take place quickly and securely. RIDER does not guarantee that your case will be funded or that we will be able to match investors to your case.

Type of cases submitted through the RIDER platform

RIDER accepts cases for financing in a wide variety of legal dispute categories.

Our preferred types of cases

Premiums may vary depending on the stage of the litigation and other particular risk variables scrutinized in each case. This is evaluated and decided on a case by case. The RIDER platform links investors and owners of legal rights to any type of legal dispute. However, in our experience, the cases that are of interest to investors are related to:

Disputes before State Courts

These are cases that will be filed before the Courts or that have already been filed and are ongoing, including the financing of cases that have received a favorable judgment and that are at the judgment enforcement stage.


Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms such as private arbitration, tend to be expensive on the one hand, but seriously mitigate the risk of undue influence to a Court of Law. RIDER aims to promote arbitration worldwide, with collaboration from prestigious arbitration organizations/institutions.

Shareholder Disputes

Breach of the shareholder agreement, disagreements over direction, fiduciary misconduct.

Industrial and/or Intellectual Property

These include legal actions related to the infringement of industrial and intellectual property assets, including patents, trademarks, industrial secrets, copyrights, and others that are corporate in nature.

Commercial Disputes

Which include, breach of contracts.

Actions against goverments

Actions against Municipal, State or Federal governments

Insurance claims

Earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, terrorist attacks and unforeseen events can cause tremendous damages that should be covered by insurance companies (when insured).

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